Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mission Farewell

Today was Victoria's Mission Farewell! We had so many wonderful friends and family who came to support her. This is just a small portion of who came
The Mills

 Rachel and Brittany
 The Fullers
 Grandma and Uncle Matt
 Mom and her mission companion Val Seitz
 April Mock
 The Blackhams
 Brittany Kierstyn and Lindsey
 Uncle Matt and Hayley
 Aunt Kristy and Aunt Kelli worked the kitchen
 Aunt Kellie and Avery
 Sierra and Aunt Lindy
 Anderson Girls!
 Hunter and Momma Bigler
 Saying Goodbye to Momma Bigler

 Lauren and Hunter
 Rebecca and Eve
Grandma and Grandpa Kemple
 Pat and Kathy
 Inside joke with Pat
 The Andersons

 The Hammonds
 The Van Wagoners
 Camryn Telford
 The Geists
The Hamblins

 The Olsens
 The Palmers
 The Evans
 The Figaroas
 Aricka Carrol

 Grandma and Grandpa
 DeAnn Ward

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