Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, August 25, 2014

High Five for Jesus!

This week has been a little better. The heat is still hot mixed with the humidity, but I think I was in a better mood. I went on my first exchanges:) Sister Morrell is one of the Sister Training Leaders and she was great! I got to see one of their investigators that was to be baptized this week (Last Saturday) and you could tell she wanted this gospel in her life so badly. Through her, we got some referrals!! Yay:) We , Sis Hansen and I, ran into some interesting people while out tracting. One guy from Lebanan answered the door, took one glance at our name tags and said " High Five for Jesus!" I liked him, but I could tell that Sis Hansen was a little annoyed. Haha! One asked about my ancestors in Scotland because he was from the Forester Clan as well! That Was AWESOME!!!!! We started talking about the name Foster because he was adopted and his real dad's name is Gary Foster from Texas, any relation?
It has been an offical month since I went to the MTC. Crazy! I still can't believe it. I have been thinking lately on how Sis Hamblin, Elder Hammond, Elder Anderson, and Elder George have been doing and how all the other missionaries from Madrigals have been... just randomly throughout the day.
So lots of Mexican food, Italian and Togan food this week but no BBQ yet. That is all I really want, is that so hard to ask?
Okay, there have been no pictures lately because my companion has really enforced the "no pictures while we are proselyting" rule, and we didn't go to the Capitol last week because my companion got dehydrated...I felt really bad for her. Thank you for the "greenie" package! I love the shoes you gave me:) and Sis. Hansen loved how everything was green.
Thanks y'all for the prayers, keep them coming please. They really do help!
I love y'all so much!
Sister Foster

Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Melting!!!

Mom note: We got a surprise call from Pres. Slaughter on Sat, then a phone call from Victoria. She was struggling with some anxiety and he felt it was best to nip it in the bud and have her call home instead of letting it get worse. It was an emotional phone call, but ended well and she seems to be doing much better :)
Dear Family,

Now I know how the Wicked Witch of the West felt when she was melting...I feel that EVERYDAY from this humidity. It is so sticky...Plus it doesn't help that I am the most emotional missionary in my area right now. I am not even joking. I cry probably 5 days a week, and Sis. Hansen doesn't even express any sadness.
It was so great hearing your voices and talking to you on Saturday. Imagine my surprised look when President Slaughter asked if he could call dad and if I wanted to talk to him...I could do that? Even though I talked to you all at the airport, it felt like forever since I last saw you.
So far we have three potential investigators. R, L and M. R is married to a Less Active member but is very interested in the church, and I think it is helping her too. He has a baptism set up for September 6, but he isn't reading or coming to church even though he promises to come everytime we meet with him. L is a single mom working 3 jobs and was diagnosed with Lupis. She has a baptism date for Sep. 20, and she is even bringing her kids to church as well!! M is a girlfriend of a less active member, they have 2 beautiful children and her boyfriend wants to come back to church. She has a tentitive baptisimal date for Sept. 20 as well, but she is mostly concerned about if she believes it or not.
While I have been here, I have seen my first High person, been sworn at in 2 different languages, and have scars on my legs from the ant bites( oh ya, they are everywhere!) Honestly, I want to focus on the members and what makes them, them. But sadly my companion wants to focus on the areas that she has already knocked on before. There used to be Elder's here apperently, but they were transferred somewhere else, so WE got not only our area, but theirs as well.
For P-day today, I am going to the Capitol:) We are going with the Hermana's in our district. I honestly can't wait! We are also going grocery shopping (those are angels singing in the background when I wrote that sentence), and doing laundry. We do have another appointment with a possible investigator, and more tracting.
There are many parts in my area that look like Mexi-Cali, but its Tex-Mex...dogs everywhere, mexican food carts, they seriously weren't kidding when they said whites were a minority here. Lots of Hispanics, African-American (Congo refugees, that is were Sis. Hansen wants me to use my french) and apparently Germans.
My district really is great, I had my first District meeting and they are a great group of Elders and Sisters. One of the Elders actually left this morning for home:( Before he left and before my little talk with the Mission President, I asked if he could give me priesthood blessing for comfort. Best blessing I got since I left for the MTC.
Well, love you all lots! Keep sending your letters and prayers my way, I'm going to need them.
Hurrah for Isreal!
Sister Victoria Foster

Monday, August 11, 2014

First week in Austin


Texas is very humid! The moment that I stepped off the plane it hit me like a brick wall. They were not kidding about the heat here. They tell me it was worse last summer, but every time I open my door I sweat off 2 pounds already! San Antonio is beautiful, oh my gosh if it weren't for the heat and humidity I would seriously consider moving here. But I am actually in Austin right now. I am over the Austin ward.   My area is HUGE!!! Luckily I have a car, but thank you so much for the bike...I might use it later on. My new companions name is Sister Hansen. She is already 17 months done, and I am her only trainee (daughter). And get this, her trainer was My teacher in the MTC!!! HAHA it is so funny how small TSAM really is. I already started driving because she is red-dotted (Can't drive the last 6 weeks of mission) Yikes!  The flight here was fine taking off, except for Sis. Barrick...but landing was a little more difficult. Sadly none of my MTC sisters are in my zone or district:(   
My first Sunday was overwhelming! So many faces and names to memorize but no time to do it...and I was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on Saturday afternoon. Like a boss. The ward I am in is great! I have already connected with a family (The Lea's) who's conversion story is amazing. They are your typical Texan family...they fed us SO MUCH FOOD... chicken drumsticks, scalloped potatoes, green salad, fruit salad AND peach cobbler and ice cream, They wouldn't let us go home without food either! My companion told me she has gained 30 pounds on her mission...but she is the skinniest person I have ever seen. The members here are so friendly and welcoming. 
The Hermanas in my district are awesome! They really want to know how I am doing and how our day went. I have even learned a few phrases in Spanish "We are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" And "Would you like a card?". Sister Hansen told me she learned to say that in 3 months but apparently I got it down in 2 days. Thank you Senora Smith and Senora Walker!!
I think I have a curse, because everytime we go see someone, they either don't want to hear it or they are not home. I seriously don't know how to keep going after every door slam. I feel there is ONE person ready to hear the gospel, they are just hidden deeply in this city ;)  In the area where I am serving, I have to make sure I have my keys and purse extra close to me. I am in the ghetto part of Austin...yep. :)
Okay to be perfectly honest, I am questioning why I am here at all.  The sisters are so nice to me, asking me how I am doing and it hasn't even been a full week but I am having thoughts of home and being kind of homesick. I am really nervous about being only 5 weeks away from being with the ward that I BARELY know with a brand new companion. 
Please send me all the prayers you can send this way. I truly need them. I know this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith helped restore in back on the earth. That is why I am out here!!!

Love you always,

Sister Foster

p.s. is it normal for one eye to twitch all day?

At the airport with Sister Barrick


Thursday, August 7, 2014

She made it!

Dear Parents:

We have had a great day in the Texas San Antonio Mission. In the morning we left 28 very wonderful missionaries to return to their families. In the afternoon we received your 31 missionaries. They are absolutely inspiring. They are full of energy, excitement, and faith. We really look forward to watching this group grow and experience the marvels of a mission.

We will write more later, but just this quick note to tell you that they are here, safe and sound. They are ready to go to the Alamo where we will teach them to love Texas and then to place their first Book of Mormon in the mission.

If we can do anything for you please don't hesitate to let us know.

The Lord's blessings be upon you,

James E. Slaughter
President, Texas San Antonio Mission

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm gonna miss the people...not the food.

Hey Everyone!!!!
So I leave tomorrow for San Antonio, Texas. WHAT? I can't believe how fast everything went. The Elder's in my District already left for Macon, Georgia on Monday and it has been really quiet without them here...and yet it is calmer too. But other than that, I have survived the MTC :) ( Insert "Rocky" music here)
My investigators Linda and Sydney went great. Linda was getting ready for baptism and was loving the idea of repentance. Sydney is my TRC investigator that we skype, but on Saturday she actually came to the MTC!!!!! She is the sweetest lady that I have ever met. She has agreed to read the Book of Mormon and Pray. She even told us she was going to Church on Sunday, but we haven't seen her since then so I don't know how it went. But I am on cloud 9 right now. True my nerves get me at the beginning, but once I start talking to them and getting to know them, I am myself and not this stiff sister sitting on the couch.
I have been thinking about home a little less since I have been here. There was a couple of moments when I heard Dad's voice in my head( which brought me to tears) and I needed Mom's hug but I stuck through and didn't hop the fence and run all the way home. I have been trying to focus on my purpose here, and it feels really good.
Last Tuesday, July 29, for the Tuesday night Devotional ...the missionary from The Other side of Heaven, the REAL missionary, came and spoke to us. Yep, John H. Groberg and his wife came and talked to us about Bearing our testimonies more. He even showed us clips from the movie!!!! I miss that movie...This Last Sunday the President of BYU spoke to us. He talked about The Power and Authority of the Missionaries.
I have been saying bye to my teachers here, but it is all good. I really have learned a lot here, and I am almost sad to go. Almost, because the food here isn't as great as everybody claims it is. I have gained probably 10 pounds here, while another sister is losing weight...WHY????? The Spirit has strengthened my testimony so much, that I can't believe how much I was missing out.
Thanks to everyone who sent me a package and mail. Everyone in my District has been helping me eat all the food and is jealous every time I get one. I love you all sooooooooo much, and I still miss you like crazy. I depart for the airport tomorrow at 4:35, and I will most likely get to the airport around 7, yes mom I bought a call card at the bookstore, and the camera works great! So I am going to need Dad's number and the number for whoever is going to be home (Girls),
Love you all so much!
Sister Tori Foster