Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Tuesday, July 29, 2014



Dear family,
I made it to P day!!!! it has been such a rush, but I am so glad that it has been fast paced or else I would miss you all too much!!! So I can't upload pictures because 1. My camera won't take photos (battery is always exhausted) and 2. There is no way of uploading them here. So y'all will have to wait till I get to Texas.
Went to the temple this morning, and it was Great!! I never realized how much I love the celestial room. The lord had definetly been in my life since I came here. Never forget to count the Lord's hand in your life.
So how is everything? How was trek? Did Hayley have fun? How are you feeling mom? I realized when I came here how close I am drawing the line on my clothes...I might need some shade shirts (white and black for under shirts) and I talked to a lot of the sisters riding bikes and they said to have some flats...
My Companion is Sister Barrick. She is from New Harmony, Utah. That is in between Ceder and St. George...population 500. She is the sweetest soul I have ever met and we get along fabulously. I also have Sister Pito ( who is going to send me the pics she has taken) and Sister Record. We are the only Sisters in our entire Zone, until tomorrow!!! The Elders are going to Menkin, Georgia, and they are the funniest Elders I have ever met. My District ROCKS!!!!!
I seriously miss you all like crazy!! Please keep me informed about your life in West Jordan. Got to go, but I love you!!!!!!!
Your Missionary <3
Sister Victoria Foster


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