Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"We must all go through our Abrahamic Test" - Russell M. Nelson

*Note from mom*  The server was all crazy, so a lot of us didn't get our letters until the wee hours of the morning! no pictures this week either :( 
Several things happened this week that have truly influenced my mission. But first let me say that I am truly grateful for the love of my companion and the love she has for me. We have learned so much about each other that we now can talk freely about anything without either one of us judging. We are definitely staying in contact with each other!
*The M Family are set for baptism on the 21st of February! T, 10 years old, LOVES Boy Scouts and there is a pass off that is to give a lesson on Joseph Smith's First Vision, it was awesome!
*G got permission from her dad to be baptized! She is set for the 7th of February!!!! It was announced in Sacrament Meeting, so now we need to finalize everything this week, There is definitely a de-stresser at home for me and Sister Jenkins every night (ice-cream or "sticker"ing stationary)
* We met a less-active member that just moved in, C, and her fiance A who is thinking about being baptized. A is very...spiritual. It seems like he is getting an understanding, but we don't think it is sinking in...
**Elder Russell M. Nelson came to the Texas San Antonio Mission. The moment he walked through the doors to the Chapel, it was instantly filled with the Spirit. I have always known that he was an Apostle, but to actually shake the hand of a Special witness of Jesus Christ confirmed that testimony that he too is a Prophet, Seer and Revalator.
     - He said "The Lord uses ordinary people and unlikely patterns to show the impossible" and then he talked about agency, how we choose to follow Christ and his teachings.
Sunday was Super bowl Sunday, Yay Patriots!, and we mostly saw less-active part members because no one would see us during the game. We had a member text us the scores for the game because Sister Jenkins is a HUGE Patriots fan.
I love y'all so much! Please remember to choose Christ in your life.
Sister Victoria Foster

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