Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bronchitis and Transfers

This week has been really good, yet at the same time it sucked. It turned out that I have Bronchitis. I am currently on medication and I am on prednisone. My throat feels swollen and I am back on an inhaler. Yay me!
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all of my fun meds
yogurt makes it all feel better

Sister Record and I had a great transfer, a lot of ups and downs, but we learned so much from each other. It was great to work with someone that I came out with, but I am looking forward to what Converse and Sister Jenkins, my new Companion, have in store. The Lord truly is working hard, and people are realizing that something is missing in their lives, it is just our job to introduce it to them.

Transfer Meeting: 5:30 am is when we had to get up. POURING RAIN outside and we had to still get everything into the car, plus the bike rack needed to be set up. Luckily, Elder Winn (District Leader) and Elder Macdonald offered their services and loaded up the bike and the suitcases. Honestly making those Elders cookies one day. After triple checking if that was everything, we went to go pick up Universal City, because one of the Elders was also being transferred, he also wanted to take the Spanish Test, which was at 7:00 (reason why we had to wake up at 5:30). Everything loaded up, we were on our way.
Got to the church, hungry, tired and wet. Sister Record had to finish her make up so I just talked to the other Sisters whose companions had to finish their make up. Transfers started at 9:00 am, already for the day to be over with. Last minute pictures were taken before the meeting started.

Sister Jenkins
: Sister Jenkins was companions with Sister Barrick, my MTC companion, and she is the boldest, funniest sister I have ever had! A total advocate for sugar and naps. I learned that she also has lung problems and a medical problem at the moment. We are the crazies put together ;)
We are learning for ourselves what this area has in store.
My district is great, and my Zone I get to meet later today at Zone P-Day.
All is well, all is well

​Greatest moments:
- I got to listen to a non-member play the banjo! Sister Jenkins has the strongest desire to play the Banjo and apperently she is a natural at it. Dream came true!
- I got doughnuts after Transfer meeting :)
- Sister Jenkins always has great stories from her last areas, so I am constantly smiling or laughing, which is a good thing for me.
I love you all so much! Please remember to Open your mouths and share the gospel with your friends:)
Sister Victoria Foster

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