Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stop Looking at my legs!!!

That annoying part of your day when you are exhausted and all of the appointments that you had all mentioned how bad your legs are. I. Get. It! My legs, if you do not know, are scarred and covered with bug bites. I am literally scarred for life. One of the souveniers I am bringing back from Texas  :(

Funny Moment: We set up an appointment with a lady we knocked into. Came back that day we set up, and she wasn't home. Went to see a Less-Active member, only to realize that she was the same lady...Funniest thing EVER!
This has been a really slow week, we haven't really had all that many lessons. Sister Johnston and I really need to find that common ground where we agree on the goals that we want for this area. We also had a real talk about why I am afraid to put in my input. The reason why I don't talk that much or melt into the background is because I was comfortable there. I hate putting my thoughts out in the open because they aren't smart enough, or spiritually enlightening. I have had a real problem of people calling my idea's stupid or dumb in the past, and I have grown just not to say anything. Because of that, it is really hard for me to speak what I am saying. I can honestly relate to Moses when he said that he could not speak to these people because of his speech. I am trying, with the Lord's help, to be bold...I just keep telling my companion to have patience with me, because I am trying to develop this for myself.
I moved to my new apartment...don't know whether or not to be happy or sad about this. Happy, because we get more room...Sad, because we aren't living with the other sisters anymore. It was really fun to talk to them how our day went and how our area is doing. The address is the same, just apt 605 instead.
Stake Conference
Elder James J. Hamula from the Quorum of the 70 came to the Oak Hill Stake! He spoke in General Conference about the Sacrament. We went to the Saturday evening session and saw J and K with S(the dad who is the member). Her main concern is not knowing the gospel as well as she wants to, and how she wants to go to the Temple. he talked about how to make the Temple a priority. YAY!!!!! I hope she got something out of the meeting.

Funny Quotes from the people of Austin
  • "Can I be Mormon and Christian at the same time?"--K
  • "Ya, I guess I like you...sure I'll marry you...but I really wanted to go on a mission!"--Sister Hanson
  • "P, we can get you a big book(scriptures). I had a big book, it is nothing to be ashamed of."--M

I swear that Sister Johnston knows EVERYBODY! Twice during dinners the phrase "Do you know...No Way, Yes!!" came up...
We are now to 12 people in our District. Elder Muhlestien went home for knee surgery, again. He tore something in the knee they operated on while playing soccer a couple of weeks ago. We became really good friends because he lives in South Jordan and I lived in West Jordan (Bingham and Copper Hills rivalries serving together). It was sad to see him go, and we were supposed to go home the exact same day...not anymore. It was a sad day indeed. Keep him in your prayers as he goes through this...he may have to have surgery.
Hope y'all have a good week, and that you keep me in your prayers...
Sister Foster
            Sister Johnston and I messing with the extras on my camera, in honor of Halloween!
              Our District after district meeting. Apparently Cookies make elders really happy
                            Working the cotton candy machine at the ward party Friday night
                                          Saying goodbye to Elder Muhlstein

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