Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, October 27, 2014

Zone Conference

(note from mom...Sister Foster and Sister Johnston just got word this morning that they are together in Austin at least one more transfer :) they are very happy about that!)

Elder Hamula: Having one of the 70 come to the mission and talk to you is truly amazing. He was here for 3 days, Stake Conference and talking with the Missionaries, he even did a Fireside for people investigating the church, recent converts, and less active members. We heard that was amazing. I learned that I need to cast away my weapon of rebellion, whatever is holding me back, and go all in into this work that He called me to do.

R: R. is this sweet lady that Sister Hansen and I contacted. She was going to church with her daughter who joined the church 8 years ago in College Station. She is planned to be baptized on the 22nd of November :) She went to Church yesterday, which was her main fear that she won't be able to get through those doors, and had a rough experience. Only a couple of people went out of their way to say hi and introduce themselves. I was talking with her during Gospel Principles and she said she liked the other ward better. I told her that it just takes time to love this ward, but eventually she will...inside I was about to cry. Thankfully, a sister in the ward talked to R and gave her a little talking to about how different our ward is. She was so sweet, and the perfect fellowship for her.
We need to finish teaching her the 4th and 5th lessons, and her smoking addiction, but I really hope she will grow to love this ward as much as her last one.
K: K. is doing well, she has a smoking problem...but is overcoming it by herself. We taught her the WoW and she was really questioning the coffee...the women loves coffee. We have her scheduled for 5th of November, but we are going to be meeting with her to see if we will be able to make it to that day or if we need to push it a week back...hopefully not!
She came to church! I sat with her during Sacrament meeting and she was really embarrassed to sing because she doesn't have a great singing voice, I told her I can sing it for her:) I think she got a lot out of that meeting...I hope. She is like a big mama bear, she takes care of me and Sister Johnston.
So therapy went well...enough said.
Riverside District: My district is so awesome!!!! I have never thought missionary work can be so great, until I meet with all the other Elders and Sisters in this group, and I think " How Lucky am I to be friends with all these other missionaries." We do pretty much every p-day together. So much fun!!! Mom has pictures that I sent.
I love you all, and sorry it wasn't as long...
Please write me...letters are great!
Sister Foster
Shout out to Lexi: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                             P-Day pumpkin carving activity for our district

                                       The oven broke when I was making dinner. Like BROKE.
                                    Zone Conference picture of the sisters in our district
                       They have In-n-Out in Texas...I repeat, They have In-n-Out in Texas!!!!!!

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