Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, October 6, 2014

Why do Missionaries hoard so much stuff???

Sister Johnston and I moved! We originally moved 2 weeks ago, but kept our old mailing address because they told us we would be moving back soon, then to another room. It has only been 2 months, and I am considering either sending stuff home that I DO NOT need or buy organizers for my suitcases...AHHHHHHHH. We are now an apartment of 5 girls...yep, it feels like college all over again. Don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing...
Conference: That was amazing!!!!! I have never felt more excited to be a missionary whenever someone would mention the missionaries. To think that I am part of the 88,000 missionaries out in the world serving The Lord and helping everyone 'Come to Christ'. Gives me chills just thinking about it. I got a lot of notes out of this meeting. Either it had to apply to myself as a missionary, as a future mother, or thinking about how it can apply to certain investigators. I think my favorite one would have to be either Elder Bednar's addressing to the nonmembers of the world who are curious on why we are sharing this wonderful message of The Restoration of Jesus Christ's Church or Elder Robbins talk on which way do we face. Do we fear judgement of man more than God? I have seen it so much as we teach people and they say that their wife, husband, family, or friends will judge them for taking these discussions with us. GOOD! They will see the change in you as you learn to come closer to Christ and farther away from man. How I wish I could shake these people and tell them that it doesn't matter what they think, it only matters what God thinks...but I will let the Holy Ghost do that for me.
After the Sunday Morning Session, The bishop's wife in the Spanish ward made all the Missionaries lunch since we were farther away from our area and it would be a waste of gas to drive back and forth. She was so sweet. The lunch break for Saturday was spent at Panera Bread with the Sisters in our Zone. The Elders went to a Pizza place and HEB (Texas version of Walmart, but much better) and bought candy, soda and junk food for the upcoming
We were supposed to have investigators come to General Conference, but they cancelled on us on the last minute. Poo. I did see MRich in the choir, so that brought my mood up.
MEET THE MORMONS: I recommend ALL OF YOU, whoever may be reading this, to go see this movie. It is amazing!!!!!! It explains what Mormons believe and do in their everyday life. The stories are of a Bishop in Atlanta, Georgia, The Coach for the Navy Football Team, A Boxer in Costa Rica, The Candy Bomber from WWII, A Humanitarian in Napal, and a Missionary Mom. It really focuses on what we believe in and how we live it. Funniest thing ever when Sister Johnston whispers loudly "What!? I know him!!!!" to the missionary mom's son. Yep, my companion knows someone in the movie:)
P: We met with P this week, and found out that his daughter, Pr, is moving to live with his Ex-Girlfriend who pretty much raised her. He is fine with it because this area is not the best place for the correct influence. He still wants to be baptized on the 18th, and we should be meeting with him soon. We talked to him about Prophets and General Conference, and he told us that he might watch a few sessions at the Stake Center, but he never showed up.
I don't know how often we have our Zone Conference's, but we do get to have Elder James J. Hamula come to the TSAM to talk to all the Missionaries:):):) YAY!!!! he actually talked in General Conference in the Sunday Morning Session about our participation in the Sacrament. Awesome talk!
I invite you all to pick up the Book of Mormon tonight and read it with your families. It will bring happiness to your life and to your home as you strive to build a stronger family unit.
Keep praying for us missionaries, and keep sending me your love.
Sister Foster
P.S. GO USU!!!!!!!!! Way to go Aggies:)
                          We had to pack our entire apartment into ONE room...where did we get all of this STUFF???? It's going to be a LOOOONG couple of weeks!
                                      You know you're a missionary when... your living room interior design includes how/where to fit 5 bikes.
 With Sister Breakall! She's a Sister Training Leader Leader so it was great to have her with us!
                                        A daytime view of the city from our apartment
                                                          Everything is bigger in Texas
                             A little Sunday fun at Conference. Our district is SUPER talented ;)
                               And let me end AGAIN with GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                               It was a well deserved win. :) We actually had a less active tell us about it.
We went to go see how him and his wife were doing, and right before we left he told us that BYU was playing that night. He asked if we ever heard of USU (Sister Johnston and I just look at each other right there, "Do we know USU, Heck Yes We Do!) Well they are playing them tonight at BYU...This is a picture of Me and Sister Johnston wearing our USU shirts and Sister Davis wearing her BYU shirt. Good night, good night:)

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