Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Girl,they hate'n, I'm goin to Y'all's church!"

Funny Moments:
-K    "I am having a hard time eating meat sparingly"...couldn't stop laughing for the longest time!
-Seeing the reaction of the entire district when Sister Johnston said that she used to have dreads...yeah, my companion rocks!
-That awkward moment when you see other missionaries in the same apartment complex as us...we should have just car-pooled.
-Sister Johnston, Sister Fullam had to give a training and I had to give the gospel day Sister Fullam said "ya, we were a spiritual bomb yesterday", amen!
-I was the only one that could sound like K and N ( 2 Awesome Black ladies with ghetto accents). That's for you Sister Pito ;)  M: This week has been an emotional and physical uphill battle for her this week. We saw her Tuesday and taught her at the church, seemed really good.Thursday we were supposed to meet again and she was a no show. Tried to call her, didn't answer. It wasn't until Friday morning that we found out that she was admitted to the hospital because she had a Heart-Attack! We spent that entire morning trying to find someone that could come with us to give her a blessing (she specifically asked for one). We saw her Sunday and she was up and had wires all around. We had a little lesson on Faith, because that is her favorite subject and she loves Alma 32. She is doing really well now, she is growing stronger and recovering more and more everyday.
A: She was a referral from the Riverside Elders. We have been trying to get a hold of her and she has never been home. This week, Sister Johnston turned right instead of left and said "Let's go see A". She was HOME !!!! We taught her the Restoration, and gave her a Book of Mormon. She says she wants to learn more, and we are super excited!
We met K and N, Awesomest ladies I have EVER. MET! They have pass-along cards on top of their door frame and their door was opened so we started a conversation about what those cards meant (Book of Mormon and Savior cards). They kept telling us that our church sounds awesome and where we were located. Might I add too, is that these women had HUGE curly wigs, lots of make-up, long nails and LONG and Thick eyelashes.
K: Haven't been able to see her all week, she is working and has to pick up her husband at work, but we are supposed to meet with her this week and discuss her baptism :)
R: She is my favorite person right now! She had a much better experience at church this week, and she actually made some new friends. We talked to her about how our ward is different, but it is still the Lord's restored church. I think that got her to come back and give us another shot. We just have to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to make sure she stays in the Austin Ward!
Primary program was Sunday, and we had A LOT of people at church, it was so precious!

Met a couple of new investigators this week, some formers others referrals, but the Lord is preparing his children to hear this beautiful message : That the Church Jesus Christ established while he was on the earth has been restored through a modern day prophet, and that we have another testament of Jesus Christ called the Book of Mormon.
I am loving some moments, and praying for the strength to get through others, but I know I am supposed to be here, I am supposed to be at the Texas, San Antonio Mission (TSAM) to meet these wonderful people!
                                                       Pie for breakfast? Umm YES!!!!
                                                               Elder Harris's Birthday
                                              K from the ward went out with us for a day
                                                    Sister Fullam got eaten by the car
                                 The mist coming off the river in front of our apt in the morning.

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