Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, November 3, 2014

"This is what I have been missing...this has filled my hole"‏ _quote from our investigator!!

Greatest thing a missionary can hear... "This is what I have been missing, this has filled my hole"

Halloween: Halloween in Austin was so cool. We had to be in right after our dinner appointment, and since we didn't have one, that meant that we had to in at 4 pm...but we had to have candy! Special shout out to HEB :) So we finished Weekly Planning with 2 bags of candy! Done right. At the end of the night, we saw fireworks! Austin Rocks Halloween! We had our Ward Night and it was Trunk-or-Treat. We saw some formers there and talked to a lot of the members. Two different families had brought animals for the kids. My ward mission leader owns miniature horses so he brought them. Another lady brought her goats. My awesome ward!K: She was set for the 15th of November to be baptized, but now she wants to do it on the 23rd (Sunday) so that everyone at church can attend. She stayed for all of church for the first time. At the meeting, there was a baby blessing and she cried. She actually made me go up and bear my testimony as well. "You are my missionary, you need to set an example for me". How could I not go up after that? When I came back to my seat she gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. Lets just say that I couldn't stop smiling. We went to Sunday school and had one of our new ward missionary teach about the Atonement. She felt that all her questions about that were answered. Same with Relief Society! Awesome day at church!!!!!!!!The same ward missionary that taught is preparing to go on a mission. She spent a couple of hours with us on Wednesday so that she could get the feel of how it goes. I wish I did that before my mission! I kick myself every time I think about it...That is why I am going to help her prepare the best she can. She did amazing! We had Sister Fullam with us because the next day was transfer meetings (She has a Temple Square missionary in her companionship now and a Sister Training Leader) so it was the 4 of us. We did splits and covered a lot of work. She was super excited for her mission now. We taught (only lesson) J H, who was a referral from the Capitol Elders. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she kept saying "that makes sense". Great! We asked her if she wanted to be baptized on the 29th and she said sure.R: We have not been able to meet with her since last Sunday, and honestly I am getting a little worried. What if she decides not to continue with us? What if she moves back to College Station? R no!!!
We said bye to Sister Morrell this Tuesday, and Sister Davis the new Sister Training Leader Leader! That was why we had Sister Fullam with us for a couple of days. They are going to do great things.
It is starting to get colder, it reached 50 on Sunday morning :) I loved it!!! Sister Johnston on the other hand is freezing her butt off. But I can already tell that I am going to need more sweaters...Thank you so much for all the support that all of y'all are giving and sending my way. I love each and everyone of you!
Sister Foster
Thank you SOOOOOO much for the '100 day' package! That brightened up my day so much!
Sister Johnston laughed so hard when she read 'truck driver burps' thanks to whoever wrote that!
                                     Here is a picture with me and two goats just for Jerika :)
 This is ALL the candy that I have received from you and grandma this week. Ignore the bug eyes I am making...lots of sugar on Halloween...
                                                                           Pday fun
                                                             We found mountains!!!!
                                              Sometimes we need a break from training...
                                           Miniature horses from our ward mission leader
                                                                Halloween candy!!!

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