Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, January 12, 2015

Texas is Bipolar

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
What a true and powerful scripture. This week especially as I continue to seek for the little miracles the Lord gives me and my companion. 

                   Selfie from last Monday:) Do you see the Sun? Hasn't been back since!

It has been so bipolar here I honestly don't know what I am going to do. One day it is 2 degrees above freezing, then it is in the mid 60's and then it gets to the 40's. And that is one day! But I truly love it here, because there is no snow...yet, maybe, I don't know at this point!

Wednesday was our Zone Meeting, and the Trainings we have received was about Effective Studies, How to be more Consecrated and how to have a Pure Heart- Having those Christlike Attributes. Each and every training that I receive has something that I need to gain. I am so thankful for the Spirit and how he answers my needs through other people.

Thursday we had exchanges...again! I went with Sister Rowley in Windcrest. She is 22, and she has only been on her mission for 2 months. It was very intimidating for me to be the Senior companion, but we hit it off great and found a lot of great and nice potentials. Funniest thing: We had to do a service project for a less active member in Windcrest. We were originally going to rake some leaves, but it was too we painted rocks! It was for her Senior painting class, so it was community service, but it was so AWESOME! And luckily I am not allergic to cats, because there was about 12 kitty-cats roaming through-out that house :) 

When I returned back to Converse, I asked what happened while I was gone. We have 4 new investigators just from one day! Sadly we havn't been able to get back into contact with some of them, but Sister Record told me they were very promising.

So some exciting news..........................................We have a Family set with a Baptism Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy:):):):):):) They are The M's. K was raised Baptist, joined the Catholic church when he was 11 and thought that that was the most powerful religion he has ever known( meaning he felt the Spirit). That was until he met Sister Johnston and her companion. His wife I, was raised Baptist and works at a Special needs facility. They have a grandson that they are raising named T who has been asking to be baptized ever since he saw one. This last Saturday, I and K both told us, Sister Record and I, that they KNOW that this church is true, and they want to be baptized! When we asked, I said immediately yes, K, it took a few minutes to reassure him that he was ready to make this commitement. I said that I am ready and I want you with me when I do this. That got him to say yes. Way to go!
We also have one more person with a baptism date! Her name is A. She was originally taught in Vancouver, Washington by some Elders and she was going to be baptized with her sister there, but she ended up moving. She has been taught everything! All we have to do is wait for her original missionary to come down here, she wants him to baptize her :) 

Funny Moments:
- We went to find a less active member...turns out that he is Santa Clause. Yep, the North Pole is a distraction...Santa lives in Texas:)
- I was walking in some pretty uncomfortable shoes one day and I said "Man, if this is painful, what is childbirth gonna feel like?" Sister Record couldn't stop laughing!
- One Elder in my Zone really loves Ostrich's. He was explaining that God must love these animals, and I said "Well I'm sure he does since he created them", that Elder now thinks I'm cool:)

The Lord is preparing people, and I need to open my eyes and start looking. I love you all so much and I hope y'all have a great week!

Sister Foster


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