Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, September 29, 2014

How do you say nice things to a boy?

Funniest thing that was said to us is this title! This recent convert who is 11 called us while we were figuring out where to go next. She wanted Boy Advice from 2 girls that can't date!!! HAHAHAHA, we couldn't stop laughing for a solid 15 minutes, and then it was the occasional chuckle.
Had our first District Meeting since transfers, and we have 14 people in our district...That is HUGE!!! Sister Johnston and I are the only one's in a duo, everyone else is a trio. But it was fun seeing everyone get to know each other, and bond. I think it is going to be a good District.
I am doing pretty good, I only broke down once this week! And it was on exchanges, so Sister Morrell thought it was her fault that I was so stressed...I had to explain to her that I haven't really identified my direct point of my anxiety, but it wasn't her. I am starting to feel more comfortable in my area, and I am getting a good idea on who the members are.
We had the opportunity to go to a Cub Scout Campout and do a little devotional on Service...reminded me of Girls Camp (sorry if I have offended anyone with that comment, never had boys in my family, so didn't have anything else to compare it to). We got 3 Breakfast burritos that morning (never had so many breakfast burritos before in my life until I came to Texas), and we came home smelling like campfire, I loved it:) Later that night was the Womens General Conference, and I loved how it was focused on the Temple. I pretty much cried when that girl in the video was saying that she did her mom's baptism after she died from cancer. I also need to print off President Uchtdorf's talk, "Blessings are being poured onto us like rain, if we close our umbrellas we can enjoy the rain".
R: He came to church on Sunday (2nd hour), but stayed for the rest of the meeting. Found out from his Fellowship that his Green Card is expiring in December and he has no job. The problem is that we have no Employee Specialist since she moved, our ward is really struggling. But he still wants to be baptized...
J and K: K is loving us coming over. He loves the Book of Mormon, he is in Ether, and we can see him being baptized soon. J got a better job, that pays better too, so she will be more focused on paying attention during our visits. She isn't reading the Book of Mormon, so we invited her to read wherever she left off (1 nephi 5).
P and Pr: Our new investigators who are scheduled to be baptized on October 18!!! P came to church 2 weeks ago by himself and explained that he wanted to go to a church that won't judge him. Pr is his 14 year old daughter that sat in on the lesson of the Restoration. P is loving the church so far, but Pr hasn't been yet, so we may have to push her baptism back a week...
In Relief Society on Sunday, we talked about Elder Holland's talk on Discipleship...but I just refer it to the 'Mashed Potato' talk. The greatest insight I received on that talk was that everyone is going to get that 'mashed potato' moment in their life. Whether it be on a mission, at work, or at school. We need to have the courage to stand up for our faith. But we also need to have the charity and love like the Savior had for those who throw the 'mashed potato'.
I love you all so much, and I love receiving your letters! Have faith in our Savior, because He has faith in you
Sister Foster
 This is Sister Johnston and I on The boardwalk, yep...that is my view outside my apartment.
 These are boots that we saw last P-Day, $220!! Much cheaper than the last boots:)
(NOTE FROM MOM...glad to see she hasn't gotten over her shoe obsession...:/  )
 Do you need Selfie Defense? Prevent those photo bombers!!! KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD!!!!!
We had the most amazing experience of going to a Cub Scout Campout and do a little devotional on Service:) First time with any cub scout thing, and loved it! Reminded me of Girls Camp.
                           Our view at 6:30 am. Amazing!  ALMOST makes it worth it to be up!
 Our ward mission leader has baby kittens and they like to live in my bag during meetings!! I counldn't get to my scriptures so Sister Johnston reached into her bag without looking to get hers and screamed because there was one hiding in hers too! They laughed pretty hard at us!!
                                  The sister missionaries in my district. Don't we look stylin'?
Me and Sister Johnston!

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