Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Christmas!!

It is Christmas week already? That is so crazy!!!!! I have always felt the excitement of Christmas since probably November, but ever since I came to has just been pretty quiet. In fact, we were grocery shopping last week and there was Christmas music playing in the background. I honestly didn't recognize anything that was playing until I actually had to stop and listen. I asked Sister Record if she knew what song it was, and she said "Sister Foster...that is the radio playing, did you seriously forget?" Seriously, I did.
I am beyond excited to Skype on Christmas!!! I honestly get all giddy just thinking about it, which can be really distracting because I am supposed to be focused on the Lord's work.
This week has been one of many hard weeks. We didn't really have that many lessons taught, and I am a bit embarrassed to show our bishop the progress record we had since past records were full or even over flowing. It has been a real experience of what it is like to ride a bike EVERYWHERE you go. Luckily we have amazing Sisters in the Converse ward who are more then happy to drive us to our appointments/drop-by. We should be getting our car back today, but if not...lets just say I am REALLY praying that we get our car back. I already learned my lesson on patience, humility, and perseverance.
CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE We had our mission Christmas Conference on the 17th, and it was AMAZING! I got to see everyone that I know, from my last area, district, zone and MTC :) It was truly a blessed day where I got to realize how many friends that I really do have here in the Texas San Antonio Mission. Ever since day 1 in Texas, I have loved my Mission President and his wife, and I actually talked with Sister Slaughter during the break. I have had a hard time with my thought process of commitment, and Sister Slaughter gave me some really good advice. I told her I wanted to be all in, I don't want to look back...I just need help (Which is a HUGE thing for me to ask) She said she was more than willing to help me on this journey and she wants me to be happy here, she wants both of my feet here in San Antonio :) How blessed I really am.
I have come to love Alma 26 since I have been here in Texas. It describes where I am, what I need to do to improve, and where my focus should be.
I love y'all so much and I miss everyone dearly.
Discover, Embrace and Share the Gift this Christmas season (John 3:16)
Merry Christmas!
Sister Victoria Foster
                                                            MTC Roomies Reunited!
                                                       Christmas Mission Conference!
                                       Yes, Our star is made of tin foil...I know Ya'll are jealous!
                                                Selfie with Sister Record's glasses

                                                            Welcome to Converse!
                                                             Yep, we are a bike area!

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