Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving, My Birthday and Exchanges, Oh my!

Before I say anything else on the matter...I invite everyone who is reading this to go to and watch He is the Gift. It is truly an amazing video, and share it with everyone! If you are on social media, use #ShareTheGift and share why Jesus Christ is the true gift of Christmas.

This week has been crazy fun and exhausting! We have an investigator,S,  who we taught 4 out of 7 days this week :) She is truly so amazing and ready to learn more and more of what we teach her. Plus, every time that we come over she always has something for us to eat and she just got a 6 pound tub of chocolate that she lets us eat  :) I am SO not complaining!!! She has such a deep testimony of the Holy Ghost and the church, and how she knows that everything makes sense and that she can't wait to be baptized. 
Funny moments with her: She is going to make coffee, smell it, then take it to the homeless people:)... When we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, she said "Really? Then I must repent!"...
M just found out that her health is weakening, she has diabetes now. But she knows about the Priesthood, and asked for a blessing. How awesome is that?! She knows about the power of God given to the worthy men of the church, and she uses it whenever she can get it. It was also a great learning experience for her friend K who is learning with us, the amazement in her eyes truly shone when the Priesthood holder, Brother R, explained about what he would be doing. After the blessing, we talked about President Monson's address from last conference, and taught about how we have a living Prophet on the earth today. We had Sister Tsang with us, who is a Temple Square go say hi to her when you go Downtown...I'll tell y'all when she gets back there, so she got to tell them about what it was like to hear President Monson speak. They were truly jealous. 

​We had dinner at the D's house. They seriously remind me of my family every time that I come over. Sister D cooked EVERYTHING from scratch. It was SO good!!! After dinner, we shared a thought about being grateful and we went around the table telling everyone what we are Thankful for.


Thank you Mom for all the props for my birthday, Sister Johnston and I had a lot of fun with the to come in later email.
Sister Johnston made me French Toast in the morning, then I opened my presents after companion study...Thank you for the cards and packages that I have received!! I was truly thankful for to have been remembered.
It just so happened that I went on exchanges with Sister Turpin from Zilker Park Ward. She made sure that I had a good birthday. I had dinner at Super Salad with this cute old couple named the A's. Sister A got me lotion and chapstick :) So sweet. Later that night after nightly planning, we had a little party with the sisters in the District. So much fun!
I learned how to be more consecrated in the work and how I need to set my pride aside and go to work.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, President Slaughter gave a training on The result and proof of The Great Apostasy. I was part of a musical group. Elder Harris, Elder Graham, Sister Fullam and I sang Abide with Me. It went really well. Learned a lot, and had a great interview with President Slaughter.

I love you all, and I thank you everyday and week for the support that you give me. You truly have no idea how much it means to me to see the love I read from someone's letter or email. I just wanted to say thanks again!
Remember to Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, Share the Gift!
Sister Victoria Foster
                                                                S making Musubi for us!

                                                             It's my birthday!!!!


                                                                    Thug Life

                                                                     What a week!

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