Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's December?!?

The weather outside is more bipolar than Utah! One day I am bundled up in my heavy jacket and tights/Boots, the next it is hot! It was 81 degrees on the 3rd!!!! What is going on??!!!!

So some pretty exciting news came into my life of a missionary...drum roll please............................................................I am getting transferred! After 4 months, I am leaving the Austin Ward :(
You should have seen and heard the phone call...
Sister Davis: Sister Foster, you will be...(phone lost connection)
Me and Sister Johnston: WHAT???????(top of our lungs screaming)
Sister Johnston will be staying and training a brand new missionary :) She is super excited, but she has told me that I can't leave until she has updated her journal...she is several weeks behind :) as am I. HAHA
R ended up in the hospital the day of his he didn't get baptized on the 6th of December. We are going to try to find out which hospital he is in so that the Elders Quorum can give him a blessing...if y'all could keep him in your prayers that would be great!

For P-day last week, we went to the Capitol with the Zilker Park Sisters. It was super fun! And Cold!
It has been such a great time in the Austin Area, being so close to the Capitol. But I am excited to meet the new people I will be serving.
Funny Moments:
-Sister Johnston got engaged :) One of R's friends was talking about how we need to be serving God by getting married having children! HAHA, I was laughing so hard after she realized what was happening.
-Riverside Elders (Elder Calley and Elder Zalaya) called us saying that they ran into one of our former investigators and she told them, and I quote, "Tell Sister Foster to call me!"(Say it in a DEEP southern accent)
-We were teaching a recent converts friend(V and N) and the friends daughter loved flossing! She offered to floss mine, but I had to tell her that I already flossed that day:)
-I got half a pizza twice this week, it was good!

Nothing really exciting happened, I gave a training in District Meeting about how to talk to people, and a lot of people said that I did a great job and that they could have never guessed it was my first training ever.
Okay, I don't know if Sister Slaughter talked to you about my doctors appointment, but I had to go in  and test my thyroid. It turns out that I have a low thyroid and I now have to take medication. I guess the thyroid thing does run in the family...

Since I will be leaving, this is the mission office address for people who have my actual address, please use this!

Sister Foster
404 E. Ramsey Rd. Ste #105
San Antonio, TX 78216

I love y'all so much! And I love hearing from y'all!!!!!!
Love Sister Foster
                                                                         At the Capitol
                                           I am going to miss this view from my apartment!
                                                               The best district ever!
                                                                         Crazy selfie

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