Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

What an amazing week! Wow! So much happened this week that I have to break it down. First things first: S AND R were baptized!!!!!!! I just got the pictures from Sister Johnston and I am over the moon right now! I am honestly bummed out that I wasn't there to see them, but I am, SO proud of them. I also heard that S partook of the sacrament for the FIRST time! YAY! I love the thing she does where she sits very still and puts her hand over her heart and closes her eyes. She knows about her Heavenly Fathers love for her and what the Holy Ghost feels like. To have that understanding is priceless.
We taught a couple, K and O, whose son is on a mission in Chile. Their son is the only member in their family. O needed a blessing because his toe was amputated. They both know about the church and had read the Book of Mormon twice, I am just wondering why they aren't baptized yet? We invited them to read the Book of Mormon again, but together as a family, and have the question of Is the Book of Mormon true in their mind and heart.
5 Month Mark!!! I can hardly believe I have been out this long, not going to lie when I say that I had thoughts about going home. It is hard work, but each day I remember people like S and R, who are prepared to hear about the gospel they just need someone to find them! And I think we did. We found a Father! For missionaries, that is huge...especially if He is interested. AND HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!! He expressed that he and his wife were actually looking for a church to come to, perfect! We will be stopping in after the Christmas season.
We also saw S, and I have some awesome news.................He wants to be baptized Soon! JOY TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Background: We asked S to fast and pray for two specific things: A baptismal date and a job (so he can move out of his girlfriends place), but right before we said the closing prayer S came up with fasting for the answer if his current girlfriend is right for him. Okay! We followed up after a few days and asked how his fasting and prayers were going and he told us that he hasn't gotten any answers, but he has the faith to keep going. We went to Gospel Principles on Sunday were we talked about Exultation, and The Spirit was So Strong. We turned to S and asked what he learned. He flat out said, " I need to be baptized, soon". Pure joy and another S moment :) *NEVER underestimate the power that comes from your lessons teachers! People receive answers in your class.*
I got a package from Mom for Christmas :) She always includes my companions in every package. We each got a stocking! It was filled (for me) a stress toy, a bracelet and a testimony from an Elder that served in 1998-2000, plus candy. A Green Eggs and Ham Book with a gospel/missionary twist.
Christmas was amazing! We went over to our Ward Mission Leader's House, the Hanamaikai's, and had a short ward correlation meeting, breakfast (Texas shaped waffles, egg casserole, and sausage). The wife and daughter's Christmas gift to me and Sister Record was a foot massage :) Very spoiled. Talking with everyone was exactly what I needed. To actually see them...and tell them that I love them so much was the best moment that morning. Later on in the day we went to some less active members who were elderly/sick and sang Christmas Carols to them. We had Christmas dinner at the Magill's, and they gave us not only dinner, but a scarf, pumpkin bread, and two tins of sweets. We then had a Part-member family drop off some leftovers from their dinner.
It has been really cold here. Don't snicker and say "ya, sure it is..", I am here Telling you that IT IS COLD. Other than that, we had a lot of lessons this week and a lot of return appointments. The members here are great and they aren't afraid to invite us over to their homes for us to have a lesson. It also helps that we have our car back!
I love y'all so much, I am so thankful and grateful for ALL the support you give me. I miss you all too:) Hope you have a great New Year!
Sister Foster
Hurrah! Hurrah!Hurrah for Israel!
                                       wearing our Christmas scarves from the Magills
                                        Playing around with the sisters at Mission conference!
                                             Our Christmas stockings from mom
                                         Love my new necklace. It says "His love proclaim"

                                                                 SO MUCH candy!
                                                                 Mission Conference!

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