Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, September 15, 2014

Goodbye Sister Hansen :(

Sister Hansen is leaving me:(    She goes to San Antonio on Tuesday so that she can go to the Temple with all the other departing missionaries, have an interview with The Mission President, and spend the rest of the day at the Mission House. Her plane isn't until Wednesday. I have so much to learn from her still, but sadly I don't have enough time.
I finally got to go to the Capitol! Did you know that it is brown? From far way it is brown, but when you get up close, it is white with brown in fact for ya. I got a Texas necklace in the gift shop:) I might get a tanline of it on my neck since I wear it everyday.
Baptisms: 0. No one has been progressing enough to get to there baptism date. R actually called us on Saturday asking when he was getting baptized(it was supposed to be that day), we had to explain to him that he needed to be at church for Sacrament meeting at least 3 times, and we needed to finish the lessons. I could tell he was disappionted...T and G are 2 girls we have been teaching, and their mom is a lesbian. well she is also a truck driver. She wants to be there for ALL of her daughters lessons, which I totally agree with, so we have to plan according to her driving schedule. J  and her son K are great. J had been looking for a better job, because her last job was rude and mean to her. Her husband S is already a member and wants to go to the Temple REALLY bad! YAY!!! Since J found a better job, she is more willing to listen and finish the discussions. K read the Book of Mormon twice already...just waiting on J. A woman named R moved in to the area, media referral, and said that she is ready for baptism! We are planning to meet with her soon. And then there is P. She LOVES Jesus and The Bible. We commited her to a baptismal date, but she hasn't come to church yet. All of these baptisms are planned for October, but I honestly don't know what is going to happen.
We got RAIN!!!!!! LOTS and LOTS of rain!!! It actually got to 65 degrees...Loved it:) I got BBQ, Finally! My legs are forever ruined with scars of bug bites...I did not know that ants can bite. Other than that, pretty good week.
I love ya'll so much, and I know that Heavenly Father loves us too.
Keep sending letters and prayers:)
Sister Foster
 At the State Capitol. My legs are forever ruined from all of the bites. The things we sacrifice on a mission!!!!
 Sister Pito came on splits with our other companionship, this is our  gorgeous view every morning for workouts
                                    Hermana  Garner and I with our AWESOME fashion sense!
                                                   Graffiti... Downtown Austin style...

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