Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday holidays are an enemy to missionaries!!!!

 On Holidays the office where we live is closed. So is the Library. Missionaries use those places to write to their families on P-days. Hence the title.
This week has been very...interesting. I am teaching my first Lesbian couple. Yay?  Their kids though are LOVING the church! They came to church twice plus YW!!!! We asked the parents if they could be baptized on September 13th, but they said they will have to talk to them about it as a family. I can respect that.
A lot of Catholics and Baptists here in Austin. Everytime we meet one or the other, they automatically say "Bless you". It's sweet and comforting to hear. A lot will let us talk to them but by the time we ask if they would like to learn more, they reject it and tell us they belong to another church. Sister Hansen has really emphasized safety in our area. Which is great to know during after dark hours since we are in a pretty rough area.
Sadly the Baptism that we would have had on Saturday (the 6th) had to be pushed back because Rolle  and Latecha weren't ready yet. Rolle needs to come to all 3 hours of church for at least 3 times and Latecha needs to read The Book of Mormon. So we pushed it back to the 13th.
We are finding more members that speak French, so I pick out some of the French that I know while we teach Rolle and his friends. We also have another investigator set for the 20th, Melissa. She has two adorable kids and a boyfriend already involved with the church.
The lowest it got here was 79 degrees, and that was during a down pour (I got to drive in my first Texas Rain Storm, which turned into a severe flood warning)...I was the driver.
My district is awesome! We are so involved with each others business that it is crazy. Sister Hansen has her moments of freaking out because she goes home in 2 weeks. Pictures are to come.
I am so happy I am on a mission. It honestly is changing my life for the better, I don't even know why I would question not going. Honestly, what could I be doing right now instead of being out here and serving others by helping them learn the truth? Nothing.

Love y'all, love some letters soon
Sister Foster

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