Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, September 8, 2014

No Habla Espanol !!

I am constantly running into people who speak Spanish here! I swear we give more referrals to the Spanish sisters than us receiving them. Although we also run into people from the Congo's, who speak French...wish I paid more attention to class now.
My companion wants me to learn how to give the discussions in French, but I would have to get permission from my Mission President...I don't know. Like on Sunday, we ran into an entire family from the Congo's. The oldest son and kids spoke french, but the father, Papa Gentil, spoke Swahilli...ya, very big language barrier.
T and G have agreed to be Baptized!!!!! Only problem is that we have to push there date to the 20th, which is the week Sister Hansen will be home. So I would already have a new companion...scary!!! No one else is progressing, everyone is just hitting a wall and stops doing their commitments. We met an investigator named P, she loves the Bible and is looking for religion that makes sense: JOIN OURS!!!! We already taught her the Restoration and The Plan of Salvation, but she kept interrupting us about how she wants to open up a refuge house for teens on the streets, and her wild dreams she has.
Hermana Garner, who came out with me, and I covered our area all by ourselves while our companions were at MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference). It was a long day. Everything we planned fell through, and we were just miserable, so we got Blue Bell Ice-Cream to cheer us up. It did:) The day before that I got to see Sister Pito during our morning work out ( she was on exchanges) and then I did a mini exchange with Sister Davis, she is one of the Sister Training Leaders. She is awesome! She is battling Lupis right now while she is out here, 15 months...inspiring!

There is just EVERYTHING going around here 90 miles an hour, and I feel like I am at a stand that moment in The Best Two Years. It's a really weird feeling!
We helped a Less Active Member stop smoking!!! It was an interesting process, but the church has a plan for everything.
All the Missionaries in my Zone were conflicted on which team to root for for Saturday's game...Our Mission vs Our Religion. But in the end, we were proud of our Cougars:)
Well, hopefully THIS P-day we will be going to The Capitol...
Letters and prayers from everyone!
Sister Foster

                         Good to see her tennis shoes kicked off in the corner, just like home!!!
                                                Apparently these two don't fly well....
                                            This was on the plane from SLC to Texas

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