Sister Foster

Sister Foster

Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfer Week

Well, I made it to my 2nd Transfer* insert round of applause*! I can't believe that tomorrow(Tuesday) marks my 2nd month out on my mission! I can't believe Sister Hansen is HOME! Her homecoming isn't until October 12...she was so mad when she heard that from her mom. When Sister Hansen's death date came, that was the same day as my therapy session so I just went down with her. HARDEST. THING. EVER. I cried so much that day that it isn't even funny yet. It didn't even help that I was in charge of the phone now, that thing alone I think is causing all of my Anxiety. I never thought I would hate phones until I came here... but it has gotten a little bit better.
My new companion is.............................SISTER JOHNSTON!!!! She came from the beautiful State of UTAH, from Cottonwood:) She has been out on her mission for 9 months, and this is her 2nd area...yep. She spent half of her mission in 1 area. She is so great, she wants to help me get to know everyone better by starting fresh. I think we are going to have a beautiful companionship.
Don't get me wrong, I will miss Sister Hansen, heck she is all I talk about most times ("Sister Hansen told me to do it like this..., Sister Hansen would..., I remember when Sister Hansen..."), but Sister Johnston is cool too.
We have had 4 investigators come to church this week(Yesterday), 1 of them just came out of the blue and said he wanted a church that wouldn't judge him. PERFECT! Join Ours! His name is P, and he wanted us to come by his house to teach him and his daughter!!!!! YAY:) R was supposed to come to church, but his car broke down that morning, but told us that he will come this week. We are planning to stop by on Thursday, hopefully he will be home. We haven't been able to get a hold of T and G or their mom. I am kind of nervous about them losing interest. I pray not! J and her Family, The G's, came again to church:) Both S, husband, and J have better jobs!!!!! Miracle right there, and so now she is just doing a 4 week training session, and S starts working when the resturant is done and ready to start business. M has come for 9 weeks now!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Even she noticed how much she has been coming, we just can't get a lesson with her because everyone is sick in her house.
I have started a challenge that Elder Bednar gave. I am reading the Book of Mormon, but I am reading it with a certain subject. My subject is "I can be a Missionary in my Life". Sister Johnston's is "Through the Eyes of Faith". Others are doing Atonement, Faith, Service, Love, etc. I really want to learn how people in the Book of Mormon became great missionaries when things were so much worse.
The weather is either getting better or worse...can't tell. There were MANY rain storms,  we had not heard of the flood warning until these past emails, but I loved getting soaked:) May have caught the sniffles, but well worth it. The bug bites have offically scarred my legs, and at this point I really don't care anymore. As far as prepping for fall/winter....Sweaters- I have 4...

I miss you and love you so much. I never thought I would learn so much, but most of the things missionaries learn here, I learned from you. They learn how to love others, how to serve them, how to read the scriptures more, how to pray with that knowledge that He really is listening. Thank you so much for teaching me these things in my youth, so I can teach not only the people I am serving, but my future children.
Love you all so much, would love to get some letters...send your prayers to Texas:)
Till we meet again,
Sister Victoria Foster
                     Went to Home Slice pizza, which is REALLY good. This is me with my menu
                Real Boots!!!! For the low, low price of just over $500... But aren't they pretty??!!!!
                                Guy on his horse at an intersection...Austin is SO weird...I love it!!
                 Saying Goodbye to Sister Hansen. Yep, I cried. A LOT. She is going to rock life!
                         First of many with Sister Johnston, someone thought we were sisters:)
                                    Lyric Street!! I love it since I am minoring in Music!!!!!

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